Ion Exchange Membranes, Second Edition: Fundamentals and - download pdf or read online

By Yoshinobu Tanaka

ISBN-10: 0444633197

ISBN-13: 9780444633194

Fundamental examine and business software of ion trade membranes began over part a century in the past. via ongoing examine and improvement, ion trade membrane know-how is now utilized to many fields and contributes to the development of our way of life. Ion trade Membranes, 2d edition states the ion alternate membrane expertise from the perspective of basics and functions. It discusses not just quite a few phenomena exhibited through membranes but additionally their purposes in lots of fields with inexpensive evaluations.

This moment version is up-to-date and revised, that includes ten improved chapters. New to this version is a working laptop or computer simulation software of ion-exchange membrane electrodialysis for water desalination that offers a suggestion for designing, production and working a practical-scale electrodialyzer. intended to interchange experiments, this application can be an immense asset to these with time and financial budgets.

  • New version positive factors ten revised and improved chapters, supplying the most recent advancements in ion alternate membrane technology
  • Computer simulation software, obtainable via a better half web site, presents a tenet for designing, production and working practical-scale electrodialyzers
  • Attractive visible presentation, together with many figures and diagrams

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V. All rights reserved. 3), which shows that the electrochemical potential of component i in a solution phase hi is equivalent to that in a membrane phase hi . 15) in which C denotes concentration of cation X or anion Y. 17) where C R is the concentration of ion exchange groups R in the membrane. 19), and plotted against C (Fig. 1), which shows that C Cl =C Na increases with C toward 1. However it decreases with C toward 0. This phenomenon is due to the Donnan exclusion of ClÀ ions caused by the repulsive effect of ion exchange groups R fixed in the membrane at lower C.

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