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Sec. - , carried with it a water layer of mean 3 thickness 10" cm. This drag effect must also be allowed for in determining surface viscosities (Chapter 5). S/Ση Fig. 1-15. Evaporation of alcohol promoted by eddy of air IT higher I IT lower /////////////////'""////////////// Glass 7Γ higher j r \ 7777777777777777777777777777777777777Γ Fig. 1-16. F o r m a t i o n o f d r o p s b y u n e q u a l e v a p o r a t i o n o f a l c o h o l f r o m a n alcoholw a t e r m i x t u r e . I f t h e glass is i n c l i n e d , t h e d r o p o f l i q u i d r u n s d o w n a s a " t e a r " .

220. Interfaces between two liquids are cleaned by applying the above procedure to the surface of the heavier liquid before the upper liquid is poured on, followed by sucking from different points on the interface (see p. 224). The Ring Method The surface tension determines the force required to detach a metal ring from the surface of a liquid. This has been used for many years as a method of measuring the surface tension, with the wire ring connected either to one arm of a balance (in place of the pan) or to a light beam carried on a hori­ zontal torsion wire whose constants are known.

34, 1 3 3 7 ( 1 9 3 8 ) . 2 9 . Cary a n d R i d e a l , Proc. roy. Soc. A109, 3 0 1 ( 1 9 2 5 ) ; R o y l a n c e a n d J o n e s T . , J. appl. Chem. 9, 6 2 1 ( 1 9 5 9 ) ; Mansfield, Aust. J. Chem. 12, 3 8 2 ( 1 9 5 9 ) . 3 0 . H u g h e s a n d R i d e a l , Proc. roy. Soc. A137, 6 2 ( 1 9 3 2 ) . 3 1 . G i b b s , " C o l l e c t e d W o r k s " 1, 2 3 5 , 2 5 8 , L o n g m a n s , N e w Y o r k ( 1 9 2 8 ) . 3 2 . B a r t e l l , Case, a n d B r o w n , H . , J. Amer. chem. Soc. 55, 2 7 6 9 ( 1 9 3 3 ) .

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