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By P.R. von Rohr, C. Trepp

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1 Poly(ethylene-co-methyl acrylate) (EMA) Figure 1 shows the phase behavior of EMAx (the subscript x denotes the molar acrylate content) copolymers in propylene which is slightly more polar than propane [4,5]. The EMAlo curve is at slightly lower pressures than the PE curve since the first few acrylate units interact favorably with the quadrupole of propylene. However, the cloud-point curves shift to higher pressures and temperatures and as the amount of MA units increases to 31 and 41 mol% in the copolymer.

R. Lewis and L. J. Summers, TranslChemE Symp. Ser. 70B (1992) 158. D. F. Steele, J. P. Wilks and W. Batey, 1992 Incineration Conference, Thermal Treatment of Radioactive, Hazardous Chemical, Mixed and Medical Wastes (1992) 167. 5. J. Bringmann, K. Ebert, U. Galla and H. Schmieder, J. Appl. Electrochem. 25 (1995) 846. 6. U. Leffrang, K. Ebert, K. Flory, U. Galla and H. Schmieder, Separation Science and Technology 30(7-9) (1995) 1883. 7. A. McHugh and V. J. Krukonis, Supercritical Fluid Extraction, Butterworths, London 1986.

P a l l a d i u m fixed bed catalysts, between 6 to 15 times higher space time yields were d e t e r m i n e d w h e n the h a r d e n i n g was carried out in sc CO2. 0 M P a H2). Since the h a r d e n i n g is carried out at a lower t e m p e r a t u r e compared to the conventional processes, the acid value of the fatty acids (as a m e a s u r e for the selectivity of the reaction) r e m a i n s at a very high level. In catalyst life time tests we observed a 3 times higher catalyst productivity w h e n using a DELOXAN | supported 1 wt.

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