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By Christina Koppe, Sari Kovats, Gerd Jendritzky & Bettina Menne

ISBN-10: 9289010940

ISBN-13: 9789289010948

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One reason may be that the late-season episodes have fewer effects because of acclimatization or the loss of susceptible people. Alternatively, the system may have been effective in reducing mortality. 5. Evaluation of the interventions Teisberg et al. The value of a statistical life was calculated as follows. First, the value to relevant individuals of small reductions in their individual mortality risk was estimated. Second, these values were summed over the affected population. The value of a statistical life is the sum the population is willing to pay divided by the expected number of deaths in the population.

An ÍCARO Index of 0 therefore means that heat has no effect on mortality and an ÍCARO Index of 1 that the mortality risk from heat is doubled. 3. Interventions The partnership supporting the heat health surveillance system is an integrated functional set of institutions interested in health and saving lives: the Portuguese National Institute of Health, the Portuguese Meteorological Institute, the Portuguese General Health Directorate and the Portuguese Civil Protection Service (Fig. , 1999). 31) do not require any special intervention.

52 PORTUGUESE CIVIL PROTECTION SERVICE 4. 4. Evaluation The surveillance system has been evaluated comparing predicted and observed mortality for the summers of 1999 and 2000 (Nogueira, 2000a, b) (Fig. 17). Mortality was well predicted for the first heat-wave in summer 1999. However, some discrepancy still remains between observed and predicted values for the heat-waves. wich followed. This was especially the case in early summer, which leads to the conclusion that a moving threshold for the system might be more suitable than the fixed threshold of 32 °C.

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