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By Ronald A. Nelson

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Geologists, engineers, and petrophysicists desirous about hydrocarbon construction from evidently fractured reservoirs will locate this publication a precious device for acquiring pertinent rock facts to guage reserves and optimize good situation and function. Nelson emphasizes geological, petrophysical, and rock mechanics to enrich different reviews of the topic that use good logging and classical engineering approaches.This good geared up, up-to-date version includes a wealth of box and laboratory information, case histories, and useful recommendation. an exceptional how-to-guide for someone operating with fractured or hugely anisotropic reservoirsProvides real-life illustrations via case histories and box and laboratory facts

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While most prevalent in porous sandstones (porosi- Figure 1–26 Example of 3-D whole-core permeability associated with a gouge-filled fracture. 01CH01pp001-100 42 5/9/01 1:41 PM Page 42 Geologic Analysis of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Figure 1–27a A gouge-filled fracture or deformation band in Jurassic Nugget Sandstone for a well in the Western Wyoming Thrust Belt. This is a whole-core sample approximately 4 in. diameter. Photo courtesy of B. Ward. Figure 1–27b Tectonic gouge-filled fractures or deformation bands in Silurian Oil Creek Sandstone of the Simpson Group in southern Oklahoma (lens cap for scale).

A great deal of work has been done on gouge development in both field and laboratory observations (Stearns, 1968a; Brock, 1973; Engelder, 1973; Aydin, 1977; Pittman, 1981; and Jamison and Stearns, 1982). Gouge-filled fractures are often the easiest of the fracture morphologies to observe in core or outcrop, because gouge material is usually more resistant to weathering and abrasion than the unfractured rock. It usually shows up as light colored, raised linear features in sandstone (Figures 1–27a and b, 1–28, and 1–29).

The mechanical properties of the material. 2. The absolute magnitude of the minimum principal stress (σ3). 3. The magnitude of the intermediate principal stress (σ2) relative to both the maximum (σ1) and minimum (σ3) principal stresses (as σ2 approaches σ1 the angle between σ1 and the fracture plane decreases). Figure 1–1. Potential fracture planes developed in laboratory compression tests. Extension fractures (A) and shear fractures (B and C) are shown. 01CH01pp001-100 10 5/9/01 1:41 PM Page 10 Geologic Analysis of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Extension Fractures Extension fractures have a sense of displacement perpendicular to and away from the fracture plane.

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