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By Michelle Mulder

Within the constructed global, if you'd like a drink of water you simply activate a faucet or open a bottle. yet for thousands of households around the world, discovering fresh water is a regular problem, and children are usually those accountable for wearing water to their houses. each final Drop seems at why the world’s water assets are in danger and the way groups world wide are discovering leading edge how one can quench their thirst and water their vegetation. perhaps you’re no longer able to drink fog, as they do in Chile, or use water made up of handled sewage, yet you may get a low-flush bathroom, plant a tree, guard a wetland or simply take shorter showers. each final drop counts!

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0 million peop the thirst of 50 These women in Kenya are planting trees to stop soil erosion and water runoff. By planting trees, the people of Kenya have turned much of their country from dry, barren dust into rich agricultural land. t h e g r e e n b e lt m ov e m e n t Thirsty? Plant a Tree Runoff doesn’t only happen on hot, arid farmland. It also happens in cities, where rain can’t soak into the soil because the ground is covered in pavement. Forests cover about 30 percent of Earth’s land, but we’re cutting down our trees fast, mostly so we can build buildings or roads.

T h e g r e e n b e lt m ov e m e n t 37 A girl stands in front of a water tank and two large FogQuest fog collectors on a farm in Tojquia, Guatemala. fo g q u e s t/m e l i s s a ros ato Fog in Your Cup What if you’ve already tried every water-harvesting technique you know and planted trees galore, but you’re still thirsty? Try harvesting fog! In Africa and South America, people have been doing it for thousands of years: fog condenses onto leaves, and people either shake it into containers or drink it on the spot.

Thanks, too, to David Johnson, Rosa Villón and the people of Pamparomas, Peru, who gave me a whole new appreciation of water and solidarity. I’m grateful for Brian Fagan’s book Elixir: A History of Water and Humankind, which gave me glimpses into cultures I knew nothing about. Thank you to Shauna Curry, Michelle MacDonald, Emilie Sanmartin and Natasha Sarkar of CAWST (Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology), whose support, enthusiasm and assistance with photos and information were invaluable in getting this book written.

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