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The design of materials with improved resistance to temperature extremes is essential in many technologies related to aerospace. As faster speeds are attained, more heating of the vehicle skin occurs because of friction with the air. At the same time, engines operate more e‰ciently at higher temperatures. So, in order to achieve higher speed and better fuel economy, new materials have gradually increased allowable skin and engine temperatures. But materials engineers are continually faced with new challenges.

The van der Waals bonds are secondary bonds and originate from a di¤erent mechanism and are relatively weaker. Let’s look at each of these types of bonds. The Metallic Bond The metallic elements have more electropositive atoms that donate their valence electrons to form a ‘‘sea’’ of electrons surrounding the atoms (Figure 2-10). Aluminum, for example, gives up its three valence electrons, leaving behind a core consisting of the nucleus and inner electrons. Since three negatively charged electrons are missing from this core, it has a positive charge of three.

How will the recyclability of the steel be a¤ected as a result of the galvanization? 1-6 We would like to produce a transparent canopy for an aircraft. If we were to use a ceramic (that is, traditional window glass) canopy, rocks or birds might cause it to shatter. Design a material that would minimize damage or at least keep the canopy from breaking into pieces. 1-7 Coiled springs ought to be very strong and sti¤. Silicon nitride (Si3 N4 ) is a strong, sti¤ material. Would you select this material for a spring?

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