Enzyme Handbook 4: Class 3: Hydrolases - download pdf or read online

By Professor Dr. Dietmar Schomburg, Margit Salzmann (auth.), Professor Dr. Dietmar Schomburg, Margit Salzmann (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3642489869

ISBN-13: 9783642489860

ISBN-10: 3642844375

ISBN-13: 9783642844379

Recent development in enzyme immobilisation, enzyme creation, coenzyme regeneration and enzyme engineering has unfolded attention-grabbing new fields for the aptitude software of enzymes in a wide range of alternative parts. As extra growth in learn and alertness of enzymes has been made the extra obvious has turn into the Iack of an up to date assessment of enzyme molecular houses. the necessity for this type of information financial institution was once additionally expressed by means of the EC-task strength "Biotechnology and Information". consequently we all started the advance of an enzyme facts details process as a part of protein-design actions at GBF. the current booklet "Enzyme guide" represents the broadcast model of this knowledge financial institution. ln destiny it's also deliberate to make a com­ puter searchable model on hand. The enzymes within the instruction manual are prepared in accordance with the 1984 Enzyme fee Iist of enzymes and later vitamins. comparable 3000 "different" en­ zymes are lined. usually very varied enzymes are integrated below an analogous E. C. quantity. even if we meant to offer a consultant evaluate at the molecular variability of every enzyme, the guide isn't a com­ pendium. The readerwill need to visit the first Iiterature for extra distinct info. clearly it isn't attainable to hide all a number of, as much as forty 000, Iiterature references for every enzyme if facts illustration is to be concise as is intended.

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2 enzymes from commercial preparation [65]. enzyme II from commercial preparation [67)) [14, 48, 65, 67]; Trichoderma koningii (4 enzymes) [16]; Pseudomonas fluorescens var. cellulosa (2 extracellular, 1 cell wall bound) [18, 73]; Sporotrichum pulverulentum (5 enzymes) [20]; Thermomonospora fusca (5 enzymes [21). enzyme E1 and E2 [79)) [21, 79); Thermoascus aurantiacus [22, 41]; Aspergillus aculeatus (3 enzymes) [23]; Aspergillus fumigatus Fresenius [24]; Talaromyces emersonii (4 enzymes) [26); Sporocytophaga myxococcoides (2 enzymes) [30]; Humicola sp.

3403) [1]; Saccharomyces cerevisiae [2, 7]; Beta vulgaris [3, 29]; Aspergillus oryzae [4, 8, 25, 28]; Aspergillus sp. [37, 38]; Thermomyces lanuginosus (formerly Humicola lanuginosa) [5, 24, 47]; Trichosporon adeninovarans [6]; Candida antarctica [9]; Rhizopus niveus [1 0, 41]; Rhizopus nodosus [43]; Saccharomyces diastaticus [11, 17, 39, 40]; Aspergillusniger [12, 20]; Candida tsukubaensis [13]; Rhizopus delemar [14]; Aspergillus candidus (Link var. aureus) [15]; Paecilomyces varioti (16]; Aspergillus awamori [18, 30]; Endomycopsis fibuligera [21, 34, 44]; Aspergillus saitoi [22]; Rhizopus sp.

Carlsberg Res. : Biochem. : J. : J. : Biol. Chem. : J. Biochem. Biophys. 3 Systematic name 1, 4-Aipha-D-glucan glucohydrolase Recommended name Glucan 1, 4-alpha-glucosidase Synonymes Glucoamylase Amyloglucosidase Gamma-amylase Lysosomal alpha-glucosidase Exo-1, 4-alpha-glucosidase Glucoseamylase Alpha-1, 4-glucan glucohydrolase Acid maltase Agidex Diazyme AMG50L AMG 200L CASReg. No. 9032-08-0 2 REACTION AND SPECIFICITY Catalysed reaction Alpha-D-glucan + H20 --.. --.. beta-D-glucose (hydrolysis of alpha-(1--4) and alpha-(1-6)-glucan with cleavage of glucose from non-reducing ends of chain) Reaction type 0-Giycosyl-bond hydrolysis (exohydrolysis) Naturalsubstrates Alpha-D-glucans + H20 Enzyme Handbook ©Springer-Verlag Berlin Haideiberg 1991 Duplication.

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