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By Barry R. Parker

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Thirty years in the past Albert Einstein died, his dream of a thought that might unify the universe unfulfilled. He spent the final a long time of his existence looking for the sort of theory-a conception that may clarify every little thing from simple debris and their interac­ tions to the final constitution of the universe. yet he failed, now not simply because he did not try out not easy adequate, yet as the try out was once sooner than its time. while Einstein labored at the challenge liter­ best friend not anything used to be identified approximately black holes, white holes, sin­ gularities, the massive Bang explosion and the early universe, quarks, gauge invariance, and vulnerable and robust nuclear forces. this day we all know that every one this stuff are very important when it comes to a unified thought, and they has to be integrated in and defined by means of one of these conception. hence, in a feeling, our challenge is way extra advanced this present day than it was once in Einstein's day. yet scientists have persisted and for that reason we're now tan­ talizingly on the subject of reaching this long-sought aim. vital breakthroughs were made. during this e-book we'll examine those breakthroughs and at fresh unified theories-theories that move through the names supergravity, superstrings, GUTs, and twistor concept. as a way to comprehend the matter, besides the fact that, we needs to start on the beginning.

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Because time runs slower close to this white dwarf, radiation that is emitted from it will be changed in frequency. The change was calculated and observation agreed well with it. In 1956 an effect called the Mossbauer effect was discovered that allowed scientists to verify this result here on earth. They were able to compare an atomic clock on the ground with one about 50 feet above it, and the difference in their rates was again in good agreement with Einstein's theory. 44 CHAPTER 2 Just as the deflection of a light beam grazing the sun can be predicted using a simple "thought" experiment, so too can this slowing of time.

Clocks do not measure this flow; they merely measure intervals of time. We label these intervals with numbers, but these numbers are akin only to the mileage signs along a road. The speedometer in a car tells us how fast, or at what rate we are passing these road signs, but a clock does not tell us how fast we are passing various time intervals. A car can speed up and slow down, and the speedometer will tell us by how much. A clock does not do this. Thus, time, like space, is also much stranger than we might have imagined.

Lines could be drawn to represent this field; the closer the lines were together, the stronger the field. And these lines were not merely a geometrical structure for visualizing the field; as far as Faraday was concerned, the field had a physical reality. The mathematicians did not accept his view, but, of course, he did not accept theirs either. Faraday continued to experiment and lecture as he grew older, but his health declined steadily. In 1841 he became so weak from overwork he had to take 4 years off.

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