Jeffrey Zuehlke's Earth (Early Bird Astronomy) PDF

By Jeffrey Zuehlke

ISBN-10: 0761341498

ISBN-13: 9780761341499

ISBN-10: 0761357025

ISBN-13: 9780761357025

Readers will know about Earth, the 3rd planet from the sunlight. enticing and obtainable textual content provides our planet's distinguishing positive aspects, its place in terms of the remainder of the sun procedure, its composition and atmospheric stipulations, its moon and the lunar cycle, and the way scientists have realized approximately Earth and the moon via area missions. colour images and diagrams increase the textual content.

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Ask the child to point out the differences between an index and a glossary. ) 44 learn more about earth SATURN BOOKS Editors of TIME for Kids and Lisa Jo Rudy. Planets! New York: HarperCollins, 2005. Make a visit to each of the planets in our solar system in this book. Lauw, Darlene. Earth and the Solar System. New York: Crabtree Publishing, 2003. Learn more about our home planet and the solar system through activities and experiments. Storad, Conrad J. Earth’s Crust. Minneapolis: Lerner Publications Company, 2007.

They are controlled by computers and people on Earth. 39 Spacecraft called satellites can help scientists find out about weather patterns. They can also receive TV signals from one part of Earth and send them to another. Many of these spacecraft are orbiting our planet right now. They are called satellites (SA-tuh-lyets). Satellites do many things. Some take pictures of Earth. Others take pictures of outer space. These satellites tell us many important things about Earth and the solar system. People also use satellites to send information from one part of Earth to another.

The Moon may not seem far away. But it is very far. Our Moon is 238,855 miles (384,400 km) from Earth. Imagine you could drive from Earth to the Moon in a car going 50 miles (80 km) per hour. It would take nearly 200 days of nonstop driving to get there. 31 This image shows the gray surface of the Moon. The dark patches are areas filled with lava rock. This is the side of the Moon we see from Earth. Once you reached the Moon, what would you see? The Moon’s surface is mostly gray rocks and dirt.

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