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By Ian J. McColm (auth.)

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Ceramics consistently used to be a wide box and now because the Like my predecessor i've got supplied purely defini­ barriers proceed to extend it truly is one of many really tions. No attempt has been made to incorporate pronuncia­ interdisciplinary parts. This ebook, in its re­ tion, derivations, or syllabication of entries. a wide vised shape, needs to mirror this. the rage is towards variety of acronyms and abbreviations were extra usage of ceramics as built-in fabrics incorporated. The textual content is actually a little hybrid simply because including polymers, metals, and different ceramics, some of the entries look just like these in an for either structural and digital purposes. therefore, encyclopedia whereas suffering to stay concise. new fabrication expertise is supplying the hot Reemphasizing the interdisciplinary nature of mod­ vocabulary of this progress; components like thin-film proc­ em ceramics, and the numerous backgrounds of these essing, sol-gel thoughts, as utilized by the electronics who're drawn to or paintings within the undefined, notable undefined; fiber forming, weaving, and ultrahigh vac­ a stability among the numerous allied disciplines con­ uum and temperature tools has to be integrated in a tributing to ceramics and the desire of being compre­ word list of vocabulary purporting to house ce­ hensive yet but concise has been a tough job. I ramics and their science.

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Basic-lined. A furnace, kiln, converter, or similar structure lined with basic refractory shapes made of materials such as lime, magnesite, chrome ore, etc. barytes. BaS04; mp 1580°C; sp. gr. 5; used as a flux in glasses to reduce seeds, increase toughness, improve brilliance, and reduce annealing time; also used in ceramic bodies, glazes, and porcelain-enamels to minimize or prevent scumming. Also known as barite and blanc fixe. basic open-hearth furnace. An open-hearth furnace constructed of basic refractories covered with magnesite or burned dolomite, and which is employed in the production of basic pig iron.

Gr. 4. (2) Ba2Si04; a discrete ionic orthosilicate containing (Si04)4- tetrahedral anions; mp approx. 1755°C; sp. gr. 20. (3) BaSi 20 S; a 2-D sheet silicate structure; mp 1640°C; sp. gr. 4. (4) Ba2Si308; a fibrous silicate; mp 1449°C; sp. gr. 93. barium stannate. BaSn03·3H20; loses H20 at 280°C; used as an additive to barium titanate bodies to decrease the Curie point for use as capacitors of high dielectric constant; also used in glass-enamels to improve alkali resistance. barium sulfate. See barytes.

Barn. b; a unit of nuclear cross section equal to 10-28 . barometer. An instrument designed to measure the pressure of the atmosphere. barrel. 9 kg or four sacks. (2) The cylindrical portion of an extruder or injection molding machine containing the screw plunger. barrel finishing. Improving the surface or removing burrs from the edges of work by tumbling the work in a rotating cylinder containing suitable particles or grains of abrasives. barrier. A panel, wall, or other structure designed to bar or deflect the passage of something, such as a baffle placed to deflect combustion gases in a furnace from impinging on ware being fired.

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