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"Crocodiles" is an exam of the crocodile and its historical past which stretches again over two hundred million years, linking the current day with the vanished age of dinosaurs. A succession of fossil types strains the descent of contemporary crocodiles again virtually to the start of the dinosaur age and demonstrates extinct teams that turned, at one severe, absolutely aquatic, changing their limbs into paddles (the metriorhynchids), or, on the different severe, virtually absolutely terrestrial, it seems that looking their prey solely on land (the sebecids). The ebook appears on the arguments for preserving those nonetheless little-understood reptiles, to whom, it really is expected 2000 humans fall prey. the writer discusses the possiblity of crocodile farms and deliberate advertisement exploitation as a method to maintain definite species. even if, no longer all crocodiles are risky to guy and those also are lined, together with the yankee crocodile, the hot Guinea fresh-water crocodile and the little broad-nosed West African crocodile. The alligators are at the present time represented by way of merely species of alligator itself, one in North Africa which the writer makes use of as a version for the behavior of different crocodiles, dwelling and extinct, and the opposite in China. The gavials of India and the caimans of South the United States also are mentioned.

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Some fossil groups (notably the thalattosuchians ) evidently spent their entire lives in the sea, and the living saltwater crocodi le is quite at home in a marine environment. This species, which ranges far out into the open ocean, has up to 40 complex tubular sa lt glands on its tongue that secrete a 22 ANATOMY OF A LIVING FOSSIL concentrated solution of sodium chloride when a saltwater crocodile is in saline surroundings. L. E. Taplin, G. C. Grigg and L. Beard used methacholine chloride to stimulate the lingual glands of various other species of crocodiles and reponed in 1985 that all the members of the Crocodylinae which they tested had salt glands, which suggests either that this subfamily originated in a marine environment and subsequently colonized freshwater habitats or, conversely, that all the crocodylid subfamilies were of freshwater origin but only the Crocodylinae acquired a saltwater adaptation.

In a procedure that modern researchers would probably find unethical, small caimans and alligators were kept underwater in a tank by lowering a net over them until they drowned. The caimans, 27 to 86 cm in length, died after only 34 to 72 minutes' submergence, but four alligators up to 26 cm long did not succumb until they had been underwater for from 5 hours 20 minutes to 6 hours 5 minutes. In a further series of experiments at Harvard reported by D. B. Dill and H. T. Edwards in 1931, it was found that a juvenile American crocodile began to accumulate la ctic acid 6-10 minutes after respiration ceased, more than half the oxygen requirement being met after 25 minutes by lactic-acid formation.

Crocodilians have acute hearing and will evince an unmistakable response to even the faint sound of a small animal jumping into a pool on the edge of which they are lying, apparently dead to the world. Experiments by E. G. Wever and J. A. Vernon at Princeton University, reported in 1957, demo nstrated that juvenile spectacled caimans 20-50 cm (16-20 in ) in length have cochlear potentials of 20 to 6000 cycles, with greatest sensitivity at 100 to 3000 cycles (closure of the external ear flap reduced sound transmi ss ion by 10-12 db).

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