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By Gordon Fraser

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This ebook provides a biography of Abdus Salam, the 1st Muslim to win a Nobel Prize for technology (Physics 1979), who was once however excommunicated and branded as a heretic in his personal kingdom. His achievements are frequently neglected, even besmirched. figuring out that the complete global needed to be his level, he pioneered the overseas Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, an important concentration of 3rd global technology which continues to be as his monument. A staunch Muslim, he used to be ashamed of the decline of technological know-how within the background of Islam, and struggled doggedly to revive it to its former glory. Undermined by way of his excommunication, those valiant efforts have been doomed.

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3. 4. , The man who knew infinity, a life of the genius Ramanujan, (New York, Scribners. 1991) 5. Kanigel, 1991, see also Hardy, G. , A mathematician’s apology, (Cambridge CUP, 1992) N3O Messiahs, Mahdis and Ahmadis Science was but one cornerstone of Salam’s life: his faith was another. Religion, although firmly anchored in custom and dogma, is nevertheless always in transition. Even the oldest traditions and the most unshakeable dogma can be buffeted by world events, and the foundations of belief slowly, almost imperceptibly, evolve.

Is 11) With these powerful words, the scene was set for the coming of a Messiah, thereby anticipating the problem of how to recognize him when he came. Was Isaiah’s prophesy literal or metaphorical? History is full of attempts to reconcile the episodic appearances of purported Messiahs with Isaiah’s exacting scenario. Seven centuries after Isaiah, Jesus (Joshua, Isua) of Nazareth galvanized his small but faithful band of followers in Galilee, a backwater of the Jewish world. By this time, Isaiah’s picture of an all-knowing Messiah had developed into one of a political and military firebrand who would save the downtrodden Jewish people.

His famous short stories and novels still provide a useful mirror of Indian life in the late nineteenth century. While the literary tradition of the subcontinent is clearly signposted, its scientific development was less coherent. After its shining successes in the first half of the second millennium, the scientific tradition in Asia largely evaporated as the initiative passed to renaissance Europe. The Mughal emperors were more interested in monuments than science. However, Ulugh Beg in Samarkand and Humayun in Delhi had established an illustrious tradition in astronomy, whose flame flickered on.

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