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By Yael Calhoun, David Seideman

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The stream to preserve traditional assets is a tremendous factor for environmentalists this present day. Many traditional assets - from fossil fuels to undeveloped lands - exist in finite provides. the one strategy to make sure that they're going to nonetheless be to be had for destiny use is to guard them and to recycle as usually as attainable.

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Even the most familiar small organisms are less studied than might be guessed. About ten thousand species of ants are known and named, but that number may double when tropical regions are more fully explored. While recently conducting a study of Pheidole, one of the world’s two largest ant genera, I uncovered 341 new species, more than doubling the number in the genus and increasing the entire known fauna of ants in the Western Hemisphere by 10 percent. As my monograph went to press in 2001, additional new species were still pouring in, mostly from fellow entomologists collecting in the tropics.

But American environmentalism—or conservation, to give it its birth name—was essentially a child of the 20th century, and Muir, Pinchot, and Roosevelt were indispensable in its creation. For Pinchot and Roosevelt, conservation was a merger of science and democracy. Public lands and resources, they insisted, should be scientifically managed so that they would continue to serve the needs of all Americans, including future generations. Both men were sensible of the aesthetic and spiritual values of nature.

Systematists, the biologists who specialize in classification, favor the species as the unit by which to measure biodiversity. They build on the system of classification invented in the mid-1700s by the Swedish naturalist Carolus Linnaeus. In the Linnaean system each species is given a two-part Latinized name such as Canis lupus, for the gray wolf, with lupus being the species and Canis the genus of wolves and dogs. Similarly, all of humanity composes the species Homo sapiens. Today there is only one member of our very distinctive genus, but as recently as 27,000 years ago there was also Homo neanderthalensis, the Neanderthal people who preceded Homo sapiens in glacierbound Europe.

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