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Myopia, the commonest disease of the attention, impacts eighty% of the inhabitants of a few international locations. even though its foundation continues to be doubtful, contemporary improvement of animal types have approved checks of speculation as to myopia's origins. The symposium court cases disguise basic progress of the attention together with the jobs of peptide components, metabolism and accomodation, research of the deficiencies that result in myopia and different refractive problems.


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Raviola: Our accuracy, at best, is of the order of the diopter and we prefer to rely on axial length measurements to assess interocular differences. The 42 Discussion issue of the genetic determinants of refraction is discussed in our paper (P 35). Goldschmidt: Many children treated with atropine retain a residual degree of accommodation. Raviola: It seems to be more difficult to paralyse accommodation in the rhesus macaque than in the stumptailed macaque. Perry: You said that the orbit grows as a result of lid suture.

In the third dark-reared animal, however, the vitreous chamber of the closed eye was nearly one millimetre deeper than that of the open one, in spite of the fact that it was raised together with the other two monkeys. The reason for this difference is unclear, because the period of daily exposure to light was very short; perhaps this is another example of the variation in the individual susceptibility to lid fusion that was discussed previously. Further considerations on the effects of dark rearing will be presented below.

Butterworths, Boston, MA, p 110 Magistretti PJ, Morrison JH, Shoemaker WJ, Sapin V, Bloom FE 1981 Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide induces glycogenolysis in mouse cortical slices: a possible regulatory mechanism for the local control of energy metabolism. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 78:6535-6539 Stone RA, McGlinn AM, Kuwayama Y, Grimes PA 1988a Peptide immunoreactivity of the ciliary ganglion and its accessory cells in the rat. Brain Res 475:389-392 Stone RA, Laties AM, Raviola E, Wiesel TN 1988b Increase in retinal vasoactive intestinal polypeptide after eyelid fusion in primates.

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