New PDF release: Chemical Cosmology

By Jan C. A. Boeyens

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The composition of the main distant gadgets introduced into view through the Hubble telescope can not be reconciled with the nucleogenesis of normal cosmology and the choice clarification, when it comes to the Λ-Cold-Dark-Matter version, has no recognizable chemical foundation. A extra rational scheme, in accordance with the chemistry and periodicity of atomic subject, opens up an exhilarating new interpretation of the cosmos when it comes to projective geometry and normal relativity.

The objective readership contains scientists, in addition to non-scientists – everyone with a systematic or philosophical curiosity in cosmology and, in particular these cosmologists and mathematicians having the ability to recast the crude rules awarded the following into applicable mathematical models.

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The total increase over a period t is therefore given by at. Hence the final velocity is v = u + at, where u is the initial velocity. A graph of the acceleration is given by the straight line AB, on axes of velocity vs time. The distance traversed at uniform velocity u over a period t is given, by definition, as s = ut, which corresponds to the area of the shaded rectangle. e. 1 s = ut + at2 2 By equating uniform and circular motion it is natural for the earth to move in a circle, not an ellipse, but without a law of gravitation Galileo could never present a coherent discussion of centrifugal effects.

Reluctance to question the pronouncements of Aristotle, the Hebrew Bible, Georg Stahl – the champion of the phlogiston theory – and many other authorities whose ideas became outdated, continues to plague the development of science. 2 Plato, Timæus, 4th century BCE dialogue. CHAPTER 2. HISTORY 26 Equally distinguished savants like Galileo, Charles Darwin and Lavoisier suffered abuse for their temerity to contradict the demi-gods of science. To conclude the story of Ionian and Pythagorean cosmology, their ideas were slowly degraded by those who lacked the ingenuity, but not the desire, to refine the original model.

As a compromise he made the five planets spin around the sun, while the sun and moon revolved about the earth. This device predicted the same relative motion of the heavenly bodies as the Copernican model. Tycho’s devotion to astronomy was stimulated first by the prediction of a solar eclipse and secured by his personal observation of the famous new star (nova) of 1572 in Cassiopeia. He managed to demonstrate that the shining object, brighter than Venus and visible in broad daylight, was one of the fixed stars in the process of disintegration.

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