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2000) corresponds to the minimization of the volume of the cantilever beam subject to the load P, equal to 50000 N, at its tip. There are 10 design variables corresponding to the height ( H i ) and width ( Bi ) of the rectangular cross-section of each of the five constant steps. 0} and, finally, B4 , H 4 , B5 , and assume discrete values to be chosen from the set H5 are continuous. The variables are given in centimeters and the Young's modulus of the material is equal to 200 GPa. 7cm where δ is the tip deflection of the beam in the vertical direction.

The simulated robot’s sensor input layout is shown in Fig. 2 (left). The number of possible views for the robot is 35×2=486. Each of 5 cells can be free, occupied by an object or by another robot. The robot itself can either be holding an object or not. For an arbitration scheme, we use a lookuptable similar to Cellular Automata, in which the axes are the sensory inputs and the contents of the table, the output behaviours. It could be argued that CAs are the simplest example of a multiagent system for the heap formation task.

9th Conf. Electronic Computation, ASCE, pp. 471–482, New York, NY, 1986. P. & Ulker, M. (1991). Optimum design of geometrically non-linear space trusses. Computers and Structures, Vol. 41, pp. 1387–1396, 1991. Ebenau, C. ; Rotsschafer, J. & Thierauf, G. (2005). An advance evolutionary strategy with an adaptive penalty function for mixed-discrete structural optimisation. Advances in Engineering Software, Vo. 36, pp. 29–38, 2005. G. C. (2007). Rank-based ant colony algorithms for truss weight minimization with discrete variables.

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