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By J. F. Lambert, M. Che (auth.), Gabriele Centi, Blanka Wichterlová, Alexis T. Bell (eds.)

ISBN-10: 0792368754

ISBN-13: 9780792368755

ISBN-10: 9401007829

ISBN-13: 9789401007825

Atomically dispersed steel cations and small polyatomic cationic buildings co-ordinated to the skin of porous matrices convey varied homes from an analogous cationic species contained in a bulk oxide or supported on amorphous providers. This topic is taken care of to an intensive overview, exhibiting how an realizing of it truly is necessary to the advance of a brand new iteration of reliable catalysts. There also are interesting possibilities to form the catalytic houses of the transition steel cations in microporous and mesoporous matrices.
The publication covers either theoretical and experimental elements, together with the distribution of framework Al atoms in Si-rich zeolites, distribution and siting of charge-exchanged steel cations, digital, adsorptive and catalytic homes of steel cations, and correlation of steel cation constitution and siting with catalytic activity.

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Some synergetic effects take place, as the H-zeolites exhibit SCR-NOx activity much lower compared to that of Co-zeolites (14). The presence of Co oxide-like species also somewhat increases the conversion of NO to nitrogen, probably by supporting the oxidation of NO to N0 2 (14). But not all of the cobalt ions in cobalt oxide-like species need be accessible and involved in the SCR-NOx reaction. Therefore, reliable TOF values can be obtained only with Co zeolites containing exchanged Co ions at cationic sites.

Analysis of the spectra of bare Co(ll) ions in pentasil ring zeolites. , a. p "dO '. o-r r MFI BEA ? r: o o y Figure 3. Local framework structures for the U-, ,f MOR MFI ~- and y-type Co ions in pcntasil ring zeolites. FER REA Figure 4. Positions of u , ~ and y cationic sites for Co ions in the channel structure of MOR, FER, MFI and BEA. 36 components for the Co ions of the a-, p- and y-type in MFI, MOR, FER, and SEA zeolites (for details see Refs. ). The corresponding local structures of the a, p and y cationic sites for the Co ions in pentasil ring zeolites are given in Fig.

The most suitable methods appeared to be Vis spectroscopy of Co(ll) ions, reflecting the Co ion coordination, IR spectral monitoring of perturbation of the framework T -0-T bonds due to the cation bonding to framework oxygens, and EXAFS measurements of the cation - framework oxygen distances. The Vis spectra of the Co ions in zeolites containing different concentrations of Co ions, protons and non-transition metal ions (non-TMI) in these zeolites were used to obtain the siting and related coordination of the Co ions in pentasil ring zeolites with MOR, FER, MFI and BEA structures.

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Catalysis by Unique Metal Ion Structures in Solid Matrices: From Science to Application by J. F. Lambert, M. Che (auth.), Gabriele Centi, Blanka Wichterlová, Alexis T. Bell (eds.)

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