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By Muriel Chiron-Charrier

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Marie Curieuse... mais qui est donc Marie Curieuse ? Ce pourrait être vous, si tout comme elle, des questions vous assaillent dès le matin à los angeles sortie du lit : Quelle différence y-a-t-il entre l. a. théine et los angeles caféine ? remark le savon a-t-il été créé ? A quoi sert le collagène présent dans notre épiderme ? Avec quoi se maquillait Cléopâtre ?

Sur un ton à l. a. fois drôle et sérieux, l'auteure nous fait découvrir l'histoire d'un produit, les origines de ses composants, les réactions chimiques pour arriver à un tel résultat et son utilisation... bref l. a. petite chimie du matin ! Chaque partie est construite autour d'une thématique.

Les explications sont claires et concises et les illustrations décalées nous emportent dans le monde de Marie Curieuse.

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It is suggested that the outer dense fibers provide added strength to protect sperm from damage by shear forces encountered during epididymal transit or ejaculation (449). It was reported that outer dense fibers are antigenically similar to actin (403) and that an ATPase is associated with the outer dense fibers (450,452). However, biochemical studies have not found a similarity in composition of outer dense fibers to actin, myosin, or tubulin (404). Other investigators have been unable to detect ATPase activity associated with outer dense fibers (406).

Their ATPase activity (362) generates force unidirectionally towards the minus (–) end of microtubules to generate sliding forces between adjacent doublets of microtubules during flagellar movement (363). Dyneins consist of heavy, intermediate, light intermediate, and light chains. The motor activity is associated with heavy chains and axonemal dyneins are present as heterotrimers, heterodimers and monomers of heavy chains (364). Most of what is known about the function of axonemal dyneins comes from studies on ciliated unicellular organisms (365) and sea urchin sperm (362,363) and is presumed to apply to mammalian sperm.

Other proteins associated with the perinuclear theca include actin, spectrin, and calmodulin (219,220). In addition, antibodies have localized several proteins to the perinuclear theca, but they remain to be identified or characterized using molecular methods. These include the thecins (221), the Dp71f isoform of dystrophin, β-dystrobrevins (222), and antigen AJ-p90 (223). Roles of the Sperm Head Cytoskeleton Sperm-head cytoskeletal components have a structural role in defining the shape of the sperm head (188,189), and a functional role in aiding sperm penetration of the egg and its investments at fertilization (201,224).

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