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Furthermore, the high oil content of the seed causes the seed to lose viability after a couple of months when it is stored at ambient conditions. Drying to seed moisture contents below 10% and storing in air-tight containers improves seed longevity. 5 Natural regeneration of S. glauca under a harvested mango tree, where birds once perched and dropped seed after eating the sweet pulp. Seed-coat dormancy can be overcome by extracting the kernel from the endocarp or by cracking the endocarp prior to sowing (Timyan and Vaval, 1993).

Officinalis DC. Common names: H - bois frene (bwafwenn), bois blanc (bwa blan), d'olive (doliv), frene ifwenn); RD - daguilla, daguillo, juan primero, laguilla, olivio, palo amargo; C gavihin; J - bitter damson; G/M - acajou blanc; US - simarouba, princess tree; F - bois amer, quinquina d'Europe. Species: Simarouba berteroana Krug. and Urban Family: Simaroubaceae Common names: H - bois frene (bwa fwenn), frene ifwenn), frene etranger ifwenn etranje); RD - aceituna, daguilla, juan primero, olivio.

There is as much variance within the half-sib families as there is between them. The populations in Haiti appear to be quite uniform, though selection at the individual level in the progeny and seed orchards is planned at the time of the first thinning. The seed orchard at Roche Blanche, established in 1989, began bearing seed in May, 1993 at 3 112 years. 7 Height growth of S. glauca in Haiti. 8 Height growth of S. berteroana in Haiti. 1 A mature S. mahagoni shelters the courtyard of a rural residence.

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