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By Gertz I. Likhtenshtein

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This monograph describes the theoretical bases and experimental necessities for ways equivalent to spin fluorescence, triplet, Mössbauer, photochromic and electron-density labeling, together with the tactics used to procure particularly converted proteins, enzymes, biomembranes, nucleic acids, and different organic molecules. the basics of the actual conception at the back of each one process is defined and info are given of the way to interpret the experimental facts acquired. exact sections take care of severe studies of modern info at the constitution, molecular dynamics and conformational transitions of organic molecules. each one part concludes with a dialogue of the implications got from those thoughts in reference to a variety of difficulties of enzyme catalysis, electron move, molecular biophysics and molecular biology. The makes use of that labeling ideas may be positioned to for the research of complete cells and tissues also are mentioned.

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Which either give ESR signals or affect the ESR parameters of other paramagnetics, can serve as labels as well. Under certain circumstances, the ESR spectra of paramagnetic centers will respond suitably to the approach of other centers. 1). The magnetic field strength induced by a dipole of magnetic moment fim at distance r is given by AfJ d ~/Vr 3 . 1. Schematic representation of the dependence of dipole-dipole and exchange interactions on the distance between the paramagnetic centers. AHdd is the dipole-dipole contribution, J is the exchange integral, and \x is the magnetic dipole momentum.

The experimental dependence of the parameters of the spin-labeled proteins in solution and nitroxide derivatives of lipids in membranes can be described in the framework of an alternative model as well (Freed 1976). This model also suggests that the radical is involved in two types of mobility, though it is assumed that both motions occur within the slow-rotation region. According to the model, extrapolation of the dependence between the Az shift and T/rj to infinite viscosity leads to the value A™9 which is related to the hindered rotation of the nitroxide fragment with respect to the macromolecule.

20. Spin-echo imaging experiments (Eaton & Eaton 1987a). changes in the ESR signals of the nitroxide in the model heterogeneous system (Eaton & Eaton 1987a; Sueki et al. 1990). In the second method, the magnetic field gradient is created by short pulses, followed by Fourier analysis of the dynamics of the ESR signals. By such a technique a threedimensional picture of the spatial distribution of radicals was obtained (Ewert & Freed 1990). There is good reason to believe that certain difficulties in ESR tomography related to loss of sensitivity is samples of small size, dielectric adsorption of the MW field, and the complexity of theoretical analysis of three-dimensional objects, particularly for radicals with anisotropic magnetic parameters, will be overcome in the near future.

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