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2-10 Enzyme Kinetics kmole/m3s. Care should be taken for the consistency of unit when enzyme concentration is not expressed in molar unit. 13) K + CA where θ is the fraction of the solid surface covered by gas molecules and K is the reciprocal of the adsorption equilibrium constant. 2. Briggs-Haldane Approach Again, from the mechanism described by Eqs. 5) Eq. 15) − S = k1CS CE − k2CES dt Assume that the change of CES with time, dCES/dt, is negligible compared to that of CP or CS. 16) = k1CS CE − k2CES − k3CES ≅ 0 dt Substitution of Eq.

With known values of rmax and KM, the change of CS with time in a batch reactor can be predicted from this equation. In a plug-flow enzyme reactor (or tubular-flow enzyme reactor), the substrate enters one end of a cylindrical tube which is packed with immobilized enzyme and the product stream leaves at the other end. The long tube and lack of stirring device prevents complete mixing of the fluid in the tube. Therefore, the properties of the flowing stream will vary in both longitudinal and radial directions.

125 a. Is prostigmine competitive or noncompetitive inhibitor? b. Evaluate the Michaelis-Menten kinetic parameters in the presence of inhibitor by employing the Langmuir plot. 16 Invertase hydrolyzes cane sugar into glucose and fructose. The following table shows the amount of sugar inverted in the first 10 minutes of reaction for various initial substrate concentrations. The amount of invertase was set constant. Substrate Sugar Con. 3 A Lineweaver-Burk plot of the preceding data did not result in a straight line when the substrate concentration was high.

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