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5l in the undeformed state. In equilibrium, the rods form angles 010 = 30° with the vertical. Determine the period T of small oscillations of the load. /’ / ,. / '///, Ai 11 p5 11 1I/ Fig. 48 Fig. 49 L97. A thin hoop is hinged at point A so that at the initial moment its centre of mass is almost above point A (Fig. 49). 5 s, its centre of mass occupies the lowest position. Determine the time t in which a pendulum formed by a heavy ball B fixed on a weightless rigid rod whose length is equal to the radius of the hoop will return to the lowest equilibrium position if initially the ball was near the extreme upper position (Fig.

2 m. h in their heights if the mass of the first piston is made as large as the mass of the second piston? 2. 3. A cyclic process (cycle) 1-2-3-4-1 consisting of two isobars 2-3 and 4-1, isoclibr 1-2, and a certain process 3-4 representBd by a straight line on the p-V diagram (Fig. 57) involves rz moles of an ideal gas. The gas temperatures in states 1, 2, and 54 Aptitude Test Problems in Physics 3 are T1, T2, and T3 respectively, and points 2 and 4 lie on the same isotlierm. Determine the work A done by the gas during the cycle.

Determine the minimum mass mal of the wire that should be wound on the cork so that the cork with the wire is completely submerged in water. 1:105. 0141 m3), while the other end is free. The length l of the chain is 3 m and its mass m is 9 kg. The sphere with the chain is in a reservoir whose depth H = 3° m. 85 times heavier than water. 106. Two bodies of the same volume but of different masses are in equilibrium on a lever. Will the equilibrium be violated if the lever is immersed in water so that the bodies are completely submerged?

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