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By Kay Winnit

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The fly had no idea it was so close to danger Ð praying mantises are masters of camouflage. Poised t ... t r e o strike, eyes al ÒSÓ for speed This poisonous whitelipped tree viper holds the top of its long, slithery body in an S-shape so it can strike out quickly. 36 Hunting for food? Watch out that youÕre not someone elseÕs dinner! Pop eye This western tarsier looks surprised to have caught such a large moth, but itÕs thanks to its big eyes that it can see in the dark. Many animals hunt under the cover of night.

Crocodile for dinner, please! Anacondas Ð the biggest snakes in the world Ð can be twice as long as street lamps. One of the few predators of adult crocodiles, an anaconda will squeeze a croc to death, then eat it whole. A crocodile meal will satisfy this big snake for about a month. 39 Watery world Another, entirely different group of creatures lives in jungle waterways. Many of these are gentle and harmless. Others should be avoided. Floating gardens In some places, jungle rivers are slow-moving, shallow, and swampy.

A tapirÕs nose is stuck to its upper lip, making a useful trunk for tearing leaves off branches. River trivia ¥ Capybaras are the biggest rodents in the world. They are the same size as pigs. ¥ Female anacondas are five times longer than the males. They can grow as long as 26 ft 3 in (8 m). 38 Jungle river water is often yellowy-brown and murky. Riverbanks Jungle riverbanks are alive with wildlife. Gentle plant eaters browse the thick vegetation, graceful Walking on water birds show off their fishing skills, This basilisk lizard can escape enemies in and giant snakes lie in wait a surprising way.

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