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By Cliff Matthews

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This can be an important convenient advisor containing worthy modern details usually wanted via the scholar or training engineer.

Covering all features of airplane, either mounted wing and rotary craft, this notebook offers easy access to valuable aeronautical engineering facts and resources of knowledge for extra in-depth information.

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Pitch rate perturbation. A propeller coefficient. Discharge quantity. Dynamic pressure. Yaw rate perturbation. General response variable. Radius vector. Radius of turn. Resultant force. Characteristic gas constant. Reynolds number. Wing semi-span. Laplace operator. Specific entropy. Distance or displacement. Wing area. Projected body side reference area. Fin reference area. Tailplane reference area. Time. Maximum airfoil section thickness. Time constant. Thrust. Temperature. Roll time constant.

Viscous damping coefficient. Pitot tube coefficient. Root chord. Tip chord. Local chord at spanwise co-ordinate y. Centre of gravity. Centre of pressure. Output matrix. Coefficient of contraction. Total drag coefficient. Zero lift drag coefficient. Frictional drag coefficient. Lift coefficient. Wing lift coefficient. Tailplane lift coefficient. Elevator hinge moment coefficient. Pitching moment coefficient. Pitching moment coefficient about aerodynamic centre of wing. Yawing moment coefficient.

Viscosity (kinematic). ␰ Aileron angle perturbation. ␳ Density. ␴ Aerodynamic time parameter. Tensile stress. ␶ Engine thrust perturbation. Shear stress. ␾ Phase angle. A general angle. ⌽ State transition matrix. ⌿ Yaw angle perturbation. Stream function. ␻ Natural frequency. Angular velocity. ␻b Bandwidth frequency. ␻n Damped natural frequency. 4 Continued Subscripts 0 Datum axes. Normal earth-fixed axes. Straight/level flight. Free stream flow conditions. Sea level. 1/4 Quarter chord. 2 Double or twice.

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