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By Richard C. Alkire, Heinz Gerischer, Dieter M. Kolb, Charles W. Tobias

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Advertising arguments: This quantity maintains to provide rigorously written and edited contributions to big themes in electrochemistry, a few of that are of significant technological relevance. historical past thought is handled up to beneficial. distinct emphasis is given to the method and breadth of purposes of the electrochemical instruments which are awarded right here.

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At open circuit a bluish coloration of the solution indicates that some Co is leached out since it becomes anodic with respect to Ni. A small continuous cathodic protection would be necessary. Teflon-bonded NiCoS, electrodes have been found to be immune from Fe poisoning; this has been attributed to the precipitation of FeS, on the electrode surface due to the presence of sulfur in solution leached out from the surface. This condition will not be realized in a continuously flowing solution. 5 Oxides In previous sections it has been mentioned that surface oxides may sometimes catalyze and sometimes inhibit the hydrogen evolution reaction.

Single crystals of IrO, do not show any tendency to adsorb hydrogen on account of their hydrophobic surface [480], whereas useful insight into the relationship between nature of active sites and mechanism of hydrogen evolution can be gained with RuO, single crystals [481]. No kinetic studies of H, evolution have been carried out thus far on oxide single crystal faces. Spinels provide another possibility for oxide cathodes [8].

Over the same range of E, = for polycrystalline metals the activity is observed to change by three orders of magnitude [293]. , atoms of lower surface coordination number give stronger M-H bonds. However, this does not seem to be the conclusion of quantum-chemical calculations of H adsorption on single crystal faces of Ag [297]. On the other hand, it agrees with the suggestion that sites for H adsorption on Ni are atoms at the edges or summits of crystallites [262]. Investigations on single crystal faces of Ni have also indicated that well-defined faces give higher Tafel slope than the polycrystalline surface, and that the adsorption of hydrogen also depends on the crystal face [295].

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