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4 kg of water (69%); and a 70-kg man contains 42 kg of water (60%). As the human progresses from conception to birth to maturity, the percentage of water decreases and, as mentioned previously, the percentage of fat increases. Actively growing tissue has a high water content and very little fat. Differences in water content on the basis of sex have also been observed in adults. Females tend to have less water and more fat than do males. These differences can be attributed in part to the effects of the female sex hormones on fat synthesis and deposition and, in part, to the tendency of young adult males to engage in more-strenuous physical activities that increase their muscle mass and hence their bodies’ water content.

In the rodent species, the mode of inheritance and, in some instances, the chromosomal location of genes for obesity have been found.

These differences are probably of genetic origin. All these studies showed that the genetic influence on body fatness far outweighed the environmental influence. A number of genetic diseases are characterized by obesity. The Prader–Willi, the Bardet–Biedl, the Laurence–Moon, the Cohen, the Boyeson, and the Wilson–Turner syndromes are all characterized by obesity as well as by other abnormalities. 10. The Prader–Willi syndrome occurs as a result of a partial deletion of the long arm of chromosome 15.

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