Adam and the Kabbalistic tree by Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi PDF

By Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi

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Adam and the Kabbalistic Tree is a research of humans as visible via modern Kabbalists. After a quick exposition of the Tree of existence, the paranormal instrument of Kabbalah, the writer units out in smooth phrases how everlasting ideas function through the 4 Worlds found in a person. starting with the physique, the method and legislation of biology are comparable Kabbalistically, in order that scholars can see the relationship among physique and psyche. this is often by means of a deatiled examine of the anatomy of the psyche, the traditional and sleek ways to which arrange the reader for an exam of the Soul. The latter a part of the publication is anxious with the awakening of the Soul and its starting to be recognition of the higher Kabbalistic Worlds of construction and Emanation. the belief describes human development into the area of the Spirit of the Presence of the Divine

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The hair, the skin, indeed the whole body except certain parts of the brain, are in a continuous process of growth and decay, by the constant replacement of cells. The various tubular systems have the same principle of osmosis as plants, and though our blood may be red, it is in fact sap. Even the most intimate physical activity of making love is an activity of the vegetable world. We may not need insects to carry the pollen from the male to the female part of the human race, but the process of fertilization does not belong to the Animal Kingdom.

The ear and eye respond to their particular frequency of vibration, Hod in conjunction with the autonomic system of Yesod running a continuous conversion programme, passing across to the Motility ofNezah the basic lifemaintenance data, and onto the central nervous system of Tiferet The Body any information that might require a voluntary response from higher up the Tree. Moment by moment millions of impulses pass through the body and many are completely automatic, ever repeating cycles driven by Nezah at the bottom of the active column.

The third minor factor rather than law, is the phenomenon known as the upper and lower faces of the Tree of Life. While some Kabbalists have different views, this book subscribes to the idea that the upper bearded face is formed by Keter, Binah, Hokhmah and Tiferet, while the lower is bounded by Tiferet, Nezah, Hod and Malkhut. These two great faces are extremely important in our study of man because they describe the relationship between his natural and supernatural aspects. They also describe, by their interleaving with the trees of other Worlds, how everything is linked, penetrated and unified into the one great Tree of Adam Kadmon [see last fig].

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