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Moreover, it has been found by Soderlund et al. [15] that in thin film deposition, if the adatoms diffuse or drift within a small but finite region, the time of growth of the nuclei before impingement can be accurately described by a log normal distribution. This will cause the grain size distribution to be a log normal one. It has been shown that the grain size distributions of CoCrPt, CoCrPtTa and CoCrPtB alloy thin films are log normal [16]. Hence, many calculations of magnetic properties of the media use the log normal grain size distribution [5].

_-_. __ .. , ............... •.... -- ..... & C c Ill) ,>~ A ••••••••••••••• ~ 1'0 A .. toa 1 Fig. 4. Three common orientation relationships between bee Cr and hep Co films several possible orientation relationships between the bee Cr grains and the hcp Co grains. Three relationships that have been used in longitudinal media are shown in Fig. 4. 0) and Cr (112) planes have the best lattice match. 0) plane. 0) plane and a Cr-alloy (112) plane by varying the composition of the Cr-alloy. 0) texture, the coaxes are in the film plane.

Schematic of the layer structure of thin films used for longitudinal magnetic recording In this chapter we will give an overview of the role that some microstructural features of thin films play in determining the properties of the magnetic layer in films used for longitudinal recording. These features include grain size and grain size distribution, crystallographic orientation, defects and chemical segregation. We will discuss various methods used to control these features during the deposition process and show how with careful control the magnetic properties and hence the recording performance of the films can be optimized.

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